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Hi! I have been a Critique Partner to a handful of authors as well as a beta reader. I really enjoy reading and helping fellow authors and aspiring authors. I feel I have a good idea of what readers like as a big reader myself and as an author. I also do research on each genre to understand each one more rather than just reading in the genre. I like to look and see which books are the best sellers for whichever genre I'm working on at the moment. 


I have a list of questions I give myself while I read your manuscript. Some things I look for: are plot holes, pacing, tropes, cliches, character development, chemistry and relationships between characters, settings/scenes, and dialogue. I'll also share my first impressions. We can chat about anything you’re worried about before I read and I can make sure to look out specifically for it as well. Developmental Edit will be the most detailed option, this will also need to be self-edited as much as you can, Alpha reading is where it's okay to have it be a very rough draft! I don't do proofreading, line, or copy edits, but if I notice a misspelling I will point it out, just don't expect it.

I always try to share what I love about each story as well, so don’t feel like I’ll be bashing yours. As an author, I know how that feels, but I will also give you any constructive criticism you may need that can make it even better than it already is.


I read pretty much anything so don't be scared to reach out! (RH, Dark, Taboo, Contemporary, Fantasy, Adult, NA, YA, Clean and wholesome, Thrillers, Mystery, Middle-grade, etc.)

I look forward to working with you!



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