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I saved him. Little did I know saving him would save me.


All I knew growing up was love and happiness from two caring parents... until they died in an accident when I was eleven. 

Having no other family members to take me in, I was thrust into the foster care system. It wasn't so bad until Marcus became my foster father. I was only thirteen and I learned just how much crueler life could be.

Now, twenty years old, I’m on the run from him and his vicious ways, but that’s not all I’m running from. There’s something that spurred me to escape his clutches all those years ago, and I'm afraid it’s starting to catch up.


The future became bleak after my parents were murdered, and I couldn't find the killer. I went through life by going through the motions. That is until I found a woman in my bed.


She woke up something inside and taught me how to live again. She threw my life in a whirlwind in the best way possible. She became something I desperately needed and wanted. But others are threatening to take her away from me. To protect her I must find the very people who killed my parents.

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